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CityQuester — это захватывающая и интерактивная квест игра, которая сочетает в себе увлекательный городской квест и обзорную экскурсию. Игроки следуют по маршруту из одной точки в другую, в поисках ответов выполнняют различные задания, получают подсказки и новые испытания.

CityQuester — отличное занятие как для больших, так и для небольших групп путешественников, молодых пар, а также семей с детьми. Знакомьтесь с городом и ее историей с помощью интерактивной незабываемой игры.

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A wonderful adventure. Explored Prague in an unusual fashion, saw a lot of things that are hidden and this beautiful city can now be viewed in a different way than before. Strongly recommend for all to do this, the CityQuester people are very good at what they do. Thanks again!
Robert / Feb 2019

We split the 8 of us into 2 teams. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, my 3 teammates were soooooo competitive. The scavenger hunt was great fun. The clues were hard enough to get you thinking but not too hard (apart from a couple) that you couldn’t work them out. We got to learn lots about Prague, we laughed a lot and walked our feet off. And we won!! We didn’t want it to end. We had a great host. Highly recommend this activity.

Sonja / Oct 2018

We were a group of 35 people, most of us for the first time in Prague. This was a great way to get to know the city, discover its history and have fun at the same time. A little competition through the streets of Prague on a sunny Saturday is just the thing we needed. Sona was very friendly and she helped us with the whole planning. This should be on your list if you visit Prague.

Alex / October 2018

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